Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mirror Synchronicity: Jesus is calling

I was visiting a hospice client with late stage dementia, and I noticed the caregiver had several books lying around.  We started talking about the books he had been reading and he mentioned that he had received the Jesus Calling book from a nurse of ours.  He said he found it to be incredible helpful and inspiring.  I made a note of it.

I went to visit my next client who has a very similar condition to the first client.  I thought about how similar their conditions were and also that they both had the same first name.  The son had music playing next to the client's ear on an IPOD.  The last time I had been to the house he had 50's music on the player, but on this day it was gospel music.  Imagine my surprise when, after only being there a few minutes, there was an Alan Jackson song with the lyrics "Jesus Calling."

I was SO struck by the synchronicity that I had to pause for a moment and acknowledge the coincidence.  The son told me the name of the song and I made a note of it.  He then said, Wouldn't it be funny if the phone rang right now?"

It didn't.  But that would have been freaky.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mirror Synchronicity: Hong Kong Death Cafe

You may or may not have made the connection between this blogger and the Death Cafe movement. Yes, I'm the same Lizzy Miles. I was planning my trip to Hong Kong in June to present the Death Cafe concept at The International Conference on Grief and Bereavement.  Since a fellow Death Cafe host was going with me to present, I thought we could possibly host or co-host a Death Cafe in Hong Kong. I was at the Association for Death Education and Counseling conference in late April and I met Professor Andy Ho from Hong Kong University. I spoke with him briefly at the conference and mentioned that I thought it would be cool to have a Death Cafe in Hong Kong. After the conference I sent an email asking for help in finding a co-host. 

Extract from email I sent on May 4 to Professor Andy Ho: 
What would be needed from our local hosts: 
1. Finding a location (detailed specs below) 
2. Help to spread the word locally (co-design a flyer/send emails/ post on social media/ talk to media) 
3. Help with co-hosting event (3-6:30pm on 6/14) 

On May 8th, completely unrelated to the email I sent, I received an email through the website: 

Dear Lizzy,
A friend and I are planning to set up a death cafe in Hong Kong. I read the International Conference on Grief & Bereavement website and wish to know which date and time your sharing will be. 
Regards, Carmen 

I wrote Carmen back and did not mention dates but said that I was already in discussion with Hong Kong University folks regarding hosting an event. Again, I did not mention any dates. 

Carmen wrote back on May 9th and said: 
For the hosting of Death Cafe, I am planning to be at 3pm-5pm on 14th /15th June. 

Carmen picked the EXACT DATE and TIME I had suggested to Professor Ho. I got chills. I knew then that this would be a momentous occasion. From that point forward the coordination and organization by the Hong Kong hosts was incredible. As it ended up, I had the opportunity to attend the event as a guest and I was not even needed as a host.  During the event, I was so moved by the experience and the magnitude of it all. Attendees expressed deep gratitude for the creation of a safe place to have conversations about the taboo topic of death and dying.

The event was covered by the media that evening on television and the following day in the South China Morning Post.

Directional Synchronicity: Disconnected

I was talking on the phone with my boss when we got disconnected for no reason (she was on a land line and I normally have excellent cell reception.)  I called her back and we talked for just a minute or two and got disconnected again.  I called her a third time just to say goodbye and end the conversation.  She said she thought her phone was broken.  I told her the disconnected phone calls were the universe's way of telling us we need to focus our attention elsewhere.  Sure enough, within 2 minutes I received a customer service phone call that I had been anticipating for days.  Because I answered the call, I was directly able to talk to the company representative and plead my case.  Had I stayed on the phone with my boss, I would have stayed outside and missed the call on my home phone.  Pay attention to your disconnects!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Mirror Synchronicity: Superbowl Screwed?

I was sitting with my husband while he was watching the Superbowl. He started out rooting for Baltimore but began to root for San Francisco when the game became unbalanced. I was half watching and half reading on the IPad. I came across this article in Mental Floss about a new type of coffin that screws into the ground vertically.

Right as I was reading the article,the Ravens scored again right after halftime and my husband said,

"Well, they're screwed now."

That was synchronicity number one.

It continues. I turn the page on my Flipboard over to Fast Company and the first article I see is:

Wait, it gets better. Just a couple of minutes later I was reading this article

when my husband said,

"They've lost power."

For those of you who aren't watching the Superbowl, "they" meant the Superdome itself.  They lost half of its power for several minutes (could be longer, I felt compelled to come blog!)

Directional Synchronicity: A Moldy Moment

Recently my husband and I were talking about the music genre of "funk." We tried to find a station on Sirius, but the only station we found was a blend that ended up playing Whitney Houston. I told him I had some real funk music and went looking in the basement for my CDs.

For the record, (pun intended), any real funk collection must include some Parliament:

While I was rooting around in my basement, I found a number of CDs that I had not yet opened. I had purchased them over two years ago. One of them I was very excited to see, a collection of Buddhist meditations by Pema Chödrön. The main reason the CDs were left unopened is that about a year ago, we had a sump pump malfunction and a subsequent flood in our basement about six months after we had moved in. I had not unpacked boxes and the cardboard soaked up a lot of the water. Sorting through ruined letters, photographs, postcards and books was very emotional for me. It is a year later and I have not finished the job.

When I brought the CDs upstairs, I noticed some of the cases were ruined by the water but the CDs were still intact. The meditation CD, however, was ruined. I tried as hard as I could to pry open the case and I could not. It wasn't cheap ($29), and I had never even listened to it! I began to cry. Then I noticed the title and that's when I couldn't help but laugh.

As I stood there and looked at my moldy CD that was over two years old and never opened, the lesson sunk in. The title of the CD was, "This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher." It almost became a Mantra.

This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher
This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher
This Moment Is the Perfect Teacher

My basement is full of memories from the past that I could not let go of. The flood, I've always felt, was a nudge from the universe to help me to start to let go. Seeing the mold was a shove. This could get really ugly if I don't do something soon.

It's time to clear it all out and stop living in the past.  LET GO.